We Picked Our 5 Favorite Wine Subscription Boxes

Wine is such a fickle thing – if you are not a wine professional it could be very easy to overlook some fantastic wines coming from regions you may not be very familiar with. One can only go hunting for so many wines in a normal work week.

What a beautiful world we live in that we can get wine delivered to our front door.  Enter : wine subscription boxes. Some will deliver full bottles to your house once a month, others just a sampling box, others will see you receiving 12 bottles quarterly. The best part? They can be customized to your tastes either through a short survey or an interview. So pick one out and enjoy!


Vine Box has a bit of a unique feel to it and is catered to the personal wine drinker that might not necessarily want to commit to the idea of drinking a whole bottle of wine. It’s perfect for those that want something to drink after work without being handcuffed to drinking three more glasses of it in the next 48 hours or so. Their almost test-tube like packaging is also one of the most aesthetically pleasing packages I have ever seen. Just fill out a short survey and start receiving three glasses a month!


Plonk prides itself on being the wine subscription box you subscribe to when you want to get wines that your friends won’t know about. They specialize in bringing artisanal, small-batch and sustainable boutique wines to your front door once a month. You can sign up for 2,4 or 12 a month after deciding what ‘club’ you want to join. Do you want exclusively reds or whites? What about a box of all Pinot Noirs? Plonk has got you covered.


The Tasting Room tries to get to know you before they even send you your first full sized box. After a short three question survey – you unlock access to a 6 tasting-size bottles of wine. You review them and The Tasting Room tries to lock down your wine profile with each box of carefully curated wines. You are free to review as you receive them so they can truly pinpoint what you love.


Wine Crasher made a name for themselves selling individual bottles of wine. They tell you almost everything about the wine besides showing you the label. This ‘Crash Pricing’ is the heart of Wine Crasher. The wines for their wine club are all rated highly by critics like Wine SpectatorRobert Parker’s Wine Advocate, and Vinous by Antonio Galloni. Trust the experts and have them cater your box.


What will make Glassful stick out more than other wine clubs is the extremely intricate entry survey required to enter. They ask what kind of snacks you are prone to eating, what kind of spices do you put on your chicken when you grill it, what kind of sorbet you enjoy eating and what smells the best. After you get through the quiz you are all set for Glassful’s team of sommeliers to start building each shipment of 3 bottles a month – just for you. You’ll find your new favorite wine in no time after just a few months of Glassful.
Whatever wine subscription box you choose – make sure you find the right one for you.
Everyone has their own palette – so make sure you treat yours like a king. Try out a box for a month or two – if you don’t love what they offer you just cancel it and try another one. Keep your StiQits handy – and be ready to stir the sulfites out of any wine. Whether it’s delivered to your door or not.

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